Opinion: Why The Iran Situation Should be a Concern


Opinion: Why The Iran Situation Should be a Concern

Unless the reader has been living under a rock, or in a bomb shelter, or both, it should be common knowledge President Trump pulled the United States out of the 2015 Iran Nuclear deal.

The Iran nuclear deal entered into by President Obama was supposed to curtail Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Some of the nations taking part in the deal were the United States, France, United Kingdom, Germany, and of course Iran.

President Obama bypassed senate ratification and entered the agreement with what is called an “Executive Agreement.”

There is an old saying, “What can be done by the pen, can be undone by the pen.” President Trump decided to withdraw from the Iran agreement.

Everything up to this point is old news.

Within days of President Trump withdrawing from the 2015 agreement, the leaders of Iran started taunting enriching uranium.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stated:

“Mr Trump I tell you on behalf of the Iranian people: You’ve made a mistake.”

His comments come as Iran said it was ready to restart enriching uranium at “industrial levels” after Donald Trump pulled the US out of a nuclear deal.

Now for the bad news.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said Saudi Arabia will ‘do everything we can’ to obtain nuclear weapons if Iran acquires the capability.

Saudi Arabia will seek to develop its own nuclear weapons if Iran does, Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir told CNN on Wednesday, amid spiraling tension between the regional rivals.

Asked whether Riyadh would ‘build a bomb itself’ if Tehran seizes on Washington’s withdrawal from the 2015 Iran deal to resume a nuclear weapons program, Jubeir said: ‘If Iran acquires nuclear capability we will do everything we can to do the same.’

In other words, if it looks like Iran is developing a nuclear weapon, there will be an arms race in the middle east.

Shortly after the United States withdrew from the Iran nuclear agreement, Israel was attacked by rockets which were launched from Syria. It has been claimed Iran supplied the rockets to the militants in Syria.


For the sake of discussion, let’s say Iran does develop a nuclear device. Furthermore, let’s say Iran is supplying arms to militants who are attacking Israel.

What would stop Iran from supplying militants a nuclear device which could be used to attack Israel?

One thing is for sure. If Iran did develop a nuclear weapon, it could possibly destabilize the middle east, an arms race would start with Saudi Arabia, and Israel may launch a preemptive strike against Iran.

Then again, all of this is speculation.

The only thing we can really do is wait and see. Maybe Iran will come to the peace table like what North Korea has done?

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