Preppers and Unrealistic Prepping Plans


Preppers and Unrealistic Prepping Plans

Prepping is divided into various categories. There are the realistic preppers who prep for stuff like hurricanes and other natural disasters; the bug out preppers, who plan on bugging out to the wilderness; and the prepsteaders, such as myself who are working on developing a homestead.

Then there are the armchair preppers who talk about stuff that is so far off the wall their plans are unrealistic.  For example, in 2015 I posted a video on YouTube about trespassers scouting the bug out location.

The gist of the video was of people trespassing on private property. Whoever it was crossed a creek, and walked up on my land far enough to see a shed and the back of a field. Just a little further and they could have seen the back of my house.

Someone posted a comment on the video stating, “This why you do not have neighbors.”

Let me get this straight, preppers are not supposed to have neighbors? Are we supposed to live so far in the boonies nobody else wants to live near us? We talked about this in the forum – Survivalist Living Too Far in the Boonies. There comes a point where someone is living so far in the boonies even driving to town is an all day affair.

Then there is the issue of urban creep. Land bought today in the boonies may have neighbors in 10, 20 or 30 years. Land has a way of changing hands. Property may be seized for back taxes, then auctioned off. Then the land my turn into someones home. Elderly people pass away, and the kids sell the land.

The person who posted the comment, when someone buys land next to his, what would he be xpected to do? Maybe sell his land and relocate?

It is unrealistic to buy land, then move when someone buys land next to you. How is someone supposed to set down long term roots if they are relocating every few years? How is someone supposed to develop an orchard, build anything if they’re selling and relocating every year?

Anyway, here is the video mentioned earlier.

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