Doing an Ultimate AR Build With a 3D Machined Billet Lower from DR Guns


Doing an Ultimate AR Build With a 3D Machined Billet Lower from DR Guns

I was challenged to do an “Ultimate AR ” build for accuracy. I started to look around for the upper and lower for this project and I came across DR Guns and the one that really caught my eye was their AR-15 3D Billet set. This has a beefy, futuristic look with very enhanced lines.


After reading about it and looking at every photo and very limited videos I could find, I knew this was the basis for this build. Then I wrote an email explaining all about the challenge and build and asked if DR Guns would be interested getting in on this challenge. I am happy to say that they were and as I write this my DR Guns AR-15 3D Billet set is crossing the county to get to my FFL. They also included their in house made bolt carrier group.

DR Guns 3D AR Billet set

Since I don’t have any of this yet, I used stock photos to show you what the AR-15 3D Billet set looks like.

I have sent out letters for the rest of the parts to other companies for a match barrel, perfect trigger, forend, stock system lower parts and upper parts.Then all of these will be highlighted in a video series and on here in articles. Telling you why I went with this or that companies parts to complete this project. Each company will be highlighted with links to the products I used.


American Made!



But the start of this “Ultimate AR” project again starts with the DR Guns AR-15 3D Billet kit. Go to DR Guns by clicking here.

Plus, I already have been asked/challenged by readers and subs to the Gun Streamer and YouTube pages to do more project builds after this one. They want to see us build an AR 9mm and also a AR10 308. Those will be late summer and fall projects.

So watch for this DR Guns build in article and video series coming your way soon.

Hope to see you on the range!



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