Gear Review: Litesam ED08 Flashlight


Gear Review: Litesam ED08 Flashlight

The Litesam ED08 is an everyday carry (EDC) sized flashlight, which can use either a single 14500 or single AA battery.

For those of the readers who are unfamiliar with the 14500 battery, it is slightly larger than a AA, and is rated for 750mAH and 3.7 volts. In comparison, a AA battery is 2400 mAH and 1.2 volts.  So the 14500 runs more than twice the voltage of a AA battery. The 14500 battery allows the Litesam ED08 to reach 700 lumens.

One of the very nice features of the Litesam ED08 is it can use either a 14500 or AA. Using a AA battery, the flashlight can achieve the same lumens as the 14500.

Litesam ED08 Specifications

Taken from my personal testing sample.

  • Weight:1.90 ounces
  • Length:4 inches
  • Diameter: 3/4 inch
  • Waterproof rating:  IPX-8
  • Lanyard: Yes
  • Belt clip: Yes
  • Carry pouch: Yes
  • Carry pouch MOLLE compatible: No
  • Lumens using a single 14500 battery: High – 799, Medium – 100, Low – 30
  • Strobe: 700 lumens
  • SOS: 700 lumens

Operation is by pushing a button on the tailcap. With the flashlight on, gently press the on/off button to cycle through the brightness settings.

The Litesam ED08 has a memory, so when it is turned off, then back on, it will go to the last brightness setting used.

Litesam ED08 Tests

The Litesam ED08 was subjected to a submersion test for 30 minutes. Before the flashlight was dropped into the water, wheel bearing grease was applied to the o-rings. The o-rings were not lubed at the factory.

After 30 minutes of being submerged under around three inches of water, the flashlight was retrieved, dried off with a towel, opened and inspected. There was no water in the housing.

The next test was a drop test. This involved holding the flashlight around four feet off the ground and dropping it several times. The flashlight did not flicker or change settings while being dropped.

Litesam ED08 Night Tests

The Litesam ED08 was used to close up the chicken house, then to look around the chicken yard. Overall, I found the 700 lumens high setting to be wonderfully bright. One thing is for sure, this has to be the brightest penlight I have ever used.

Litesam ED08 night tests

During the night tests the 14500 battery was replaced with a AA. The lumens were reduced with the AA battery, but the flashlight was still plenty bright.

I have been unable to find the lumens rating when using a AA battery. Suffice to say, the Litesam ED08 is as bright as any other penlight which uses a single AA battery.


Final Thoughts

There is no need for a flashlight this size to have an SOS setting. Maybe a strobe, but not an SOS.  Any flashlight that markets an SOS setting comes across as being a gimmick.

The next issue is not being able to set the flashlight to a certain setting, and leave it on that setting. A lot of flashlights this size have an on/off button on the tailcap, then a brightness setting on the side. It would be nice to see this flashlight with that same design. That way, the Litesam ED08 mounted on a weapon, and have the settings separate from the on/off.

Besides the settings and SOS, the flashlight is amazingly bright for such a small package. As of June 3, 2018, the Litesam ED08 is listed on Amazon for $24.99 and is available for Prime shipping.  The flashlight is covered with a five year warranty.

Being able to use a AA battery is a great addition.

I am going to give the ED08 a score of 9 out of 10. I feel the SOS and strobe subtract from the other all quality of the flashlight.

If this was a 700, 100 and 30 lumen flashlight without the strobe or SOS, it would be wonderful.  Maybe Litesam could offer a slimmed down version of the ED08 without the strobe or SOS?


Full disclosure:  Litesam provided a 99% off coupon for me to purchase the testing sample through Amazon. Rather than paying $24.99, I got it for 25 cents.


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