Review: Leapers-UTG’s New Libre LED Light


Review: Leapers-UTG’s New Libre LED Light

The Leapers group has been one of my go-to accessories and gear suppliers for some time. They produce such an amazing assortment of items that just the study of their host website takes considerable time. And they are constantly adding new items to their inventory.

One of their newest introductions is a compact LED flashlight that they call the UTG (unleash the glow) L-Light. The “L” meaning that the flashlight is in the shape of the letter “L” like the old military flashlights hung on many a soldier’s shoulder carry kit. This new micro-light has many new features though to set it apart from anything else on the market right now.

Formally this light is titled the “400 Lumen Everyday Defense L-Light.” It also carries the sort of moniker title LIBRE or Light Integrated Brightness Regulated Emitter. It’s a fancy title, but it simply means the flashlight is capable of emitting a full 400 Lumen beam, but also a step down lower beam brightness, plus an additional setting for strobe. All this in a handy package that is only 3.7 inches in height.

The other features and specifications include the 24mm LED integrated reflector and bulb, 2 hours of operating time using two CR123A batteries, 25.4 mm diameter main body, 4.8 ounce weight with batteries, and a preset flood light focus. Again, this light has dimming technology from brightest beam, low beam, and a strobe.

The light functions using two switching options. On top of the light “L” is the main power button switch. On the back end of the “L” is a secondary button which is designated as the Lumen Control Pad. The main switch rubberized button can be pressed slightly for a momentary On/Off as long as the button is held down. Fully pressing the main power button until it clicks puts the light into ON until the button is depressed again.

The Lumen Control Pad functions only when the light is fully ON. Then this LCP button can be pressed to engage the lower beam at 20 lumens. If you then turn the light off, that lower beam setting remains engaged until the light is turned on again. Double tapping the LCP button will then put the light into the strobe mode.

The light is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum in a black matte anodized finish. It includes a removable pocket clip or gear attachment. The bezel head and blunt end cap can be used as a force multiplier. Check this new light out at As a sidebar, I added a strip of hunter orange tape on the battery cap in case it gets dropped in the woods or urban jungle.


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