Strike Industries – Upgrade your AR to the next level!


Strike Industries – Upgrade your AR to the next level!

With EVERYONE in the political world against the evil “Black Rifle AR” you may want to do something, you just don’t know what that is. As PRO gun people we first need to stand together and vote out any politician that wants to take our rights away, that is a given. Make the calls you need to make to let the elected know if they do this or support any of that, they will not be re-elected which is the primary goal.

But another thing you can do is to change the looks of your black rifle, make it look not so evil. STRIKE Industries give you that opportunity with high quality products they make right here in America! You can go to STRIKE Industries here: and pick up your own parts to make your AR something that is personalized to you, to make you stand out some at the range.

Let’s face it, if we have a gun that we love the looks of you will shoot it more and take to the range more because you are proud of that firearm. STRIKE Industries has products to make you proud of your AR. I have a theme in my comp shooting, my Glock is black and blue, my shotgun for 3-gun type matches is black and blue, and my AR was just black.

I got in touch with STRIKE Industries once I saw there “Blue Line” of AR Parts and then the madness began! First it is not cerakoted, they are truly anodized and done well. So I started picking replacement parts and after two different orders a week or two apart, the black and blue AR is now in the rest of the black and blue family of my comp guns!

I started with their Strike Rail 17″ blue and the charging handle with extended latch in blue. Then their advanced receiver extension blue with their Viper mod stock with the blue insert. Blue takedown pin (which I don’t have installed yet) the blue forward assist. The last two STRIKE Industries items were the blue ambi safety lever and the Cobra Billet trigger guard. This Cobra trigger guard is something everyone that owns an AR needs, a great place to rest your trigger finger in between pulls! Even if you don’t want to change the color of your AR you can still get it in the basic black.

So I ask that you at least take a look at STRIKE Industries and see if you find something you like! They have all this in Black, Red, Blue and an anodized FDE (beautiful color)

Stay safe, vote pro gun and stand up for our gun rights!
Hope to see you out there!

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