Ammo Armor: Something You Think You Don’t Need?


Ammo Armor: Something You Think You Don’t Need?

How many people carry extra mags in your front pocket or even your back pocket? I know I do, I have at least three extra on me at all times (Without ammo all you have is something to throw once you run out) and on more than one occasion when I pulled a mag out at the end of day something was jammed in. Most times it will be dimes but I know a few people who have had more than change wedged in there.

So let’s say for example that you needed to use your concealed carry pistol. You un-holster it, shoot and use the first mag, so now you reach for the extra mag and go to insert it and “bam” it stops dead and you try and try to get it in there repeatedly for 20 seconds and by then the attacker or attackers are on you.

Step in AMMO ARMOR, they came up with a simple product that is so simple I kick myself for not thinking about this on my own! The Ammo Armor just slides over your mags with just enough friction to stay put. But then again it’s not too much to where it’s a big deal to pull the mag out when needed.

These will protect your mags from any unwanted objects getting in and stopping the insertion to the firearm or something getting deeper in the mag so you can put it in the firearm but it won’t feed any rounds.  I personally think these are a great idea, they do what they are supposed to do, and they are not hard to pull off and only takes a couple seconds to do so.

I know some will NOT like these or the idea of these and that’s fine, that’s what makes the world go around. We all can’t like and dislike the same things. The next negative will be the time it takes to remove or the extra step in doing so. That I agree with, but like anything we want to do well you will have to train with these on your mags and get used to it as normally as drawing from a holster.

These do have a place, and yes it could be with every concealed carry person out there but you can’t just put them on and forget them. You WILL need to train and use them, over and over again until it is 2nd nature. I would rather have them and get used to them with knowing I NEED to take it off instead of not having one and either not be able to load the mag in the firearm or worse yet, load it in and not fire because something is stuffed in stopping the rounds from feeding.

See by training with the Ammo Armor covers, you already know you have them and you know you will have to remove them as you pull the mags out to use. That I can prepare and train for, an unexpected stoppage in a mag I thought was going to work is something that will take longer to fix when you may not have the time.

So now that I got your attention, Ammo Armor is a polymer mag cover in the three colors you see in the photos, OD Green, Black and tan. They sell for around $9.99 each and you can read all about them here: or call them at: 1-800-542-AMMO to ask any questions you may have.

As a Firearm Instructor myself, I like them and love the idea that you really should TRAIN with these because it gets you trigger time which we all need, and more so if you need to shoot to save your life!

Hope to see you out there!

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