Naked Man Survived on an Island for 30 Years


Naked Man Survived on an Island for 30 Years

Masafumi Nagasaki made his way to the island of Sotobanari, where he spent 30 years in solitude. The only time he ventured off the island was to get water and food items. I am not exactly sure how he bought the food and water since he was living on an island with no job.

From a prepping point of view, there is a lot to learn here. For example, there is an old saying, “No man is an island.” There are preppers out there who plan on bugging out to the wilderness, or heading to a remote bug out location and live off the land.

Here we have a naked man who lived on an island for 30 years, and he still made trips to civilization for certain supplies. So what makes preppers think they can be totally excluded from society for an extended period of time?

‘Naked hermit’ who lived on secluded island for nearly 3 decades forced back to civilization.

An elderly Japanese man who has lived naked on a secluded island for 29 years – only venturing out for water, rice cakes and supplies once a week – has been forced back into civilization.

Masafumi Nagasaki, 82, ventured to the island of Sotobanari, in the Yaeyama Islands near Taiwan, in 1989 and lived by himself until he made headlines in 2012 when Reuters did a profile on the “naked hermit.”

The amazing thing is Masafumi Nagasaki did survive on the island. I am going to guess he had no medical emergencies where he needed surgery, such as having his gallbladder or appendix removed.

Another observation is how he was able to relate to people who visited him.  He was able to communicate his past, where he worked, and how he felt about certain things.

Relating This to Prepping

Besides venturing out to purchase a few supplies, could Masafumi Nagasaki have taken measures so he remained isolated? Maybe have a water well, a garden, and a few chickens. Who is to say he did not already have those things? Maybe he missed people, then used rice cakes and water as an excuse to visit with people?

It is nice to see stories like this were people were able to live secluded and away from society. The sad news, the government is forcing Masafumi Nagasaki to leave the island. I could not imagine living alone for so many years, then returning to society.

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