What’s Your Thoughts on Having a Knife on You as EDC?


What’s Your Thoughts on Having a Knife on You as EDC?

I know a lot of people, in my world of shooting matches, classes, seminars, radio shows etc I meet a lot of people. One thing I notice is the carry of knives, or lack of. I can honestly say it is close to 50/50 with the people I meet. And it is not as evident as one might think.

I have met the “I’ll die fighting with THIS knife” type and then the EDC person that does it because they need to do so for protection or cut a cake type. Then the ones that have them but are scared that it might print or someone calls them out on it type.

On the other side, there are “NO, NEVER carry a knife or anything, I don’t want to live life like that, fear of everything and everyone and proud of it!” I really don’t know how to carry on a conversation with this type. And your “If I need a knife, I’ll grab one somewhere.” I love talking to these people because I always ask, “HOW are you going to do this if you need to during a fight, etc?” They try to defend their thoughts but in the end, can’t. Common sense takes over at some point in the chat.

The ones that intrigue me are the ones that say, “I used to carry a knife, all that stuff but NEVER needed it so I stopped.” You have to ask them how they determined that NOW is the time to stop with EDC type of carry. What made them think, “Ok nothing happened in X amount of years, so it will NEVER happen ever from now on?” I would LOVE to know that for the rest of my years which I pray are 40 and more, I will know without a shadow of a doubt that NOTHING will ever happen to me and I have no need for EDC, knife pistol etc. It is very interesting to hear the different reason they tell you, and the worst part is the actually BELIEVE nothing will ever happen to them because it never happened so far!

Please check with you state laws for knife carry, there really is a difference in each state. Concealed completely may get you in trouble if you don’t have a concealed carry permit. But having the knife with the clip on the outside of your pocket where the clip can be seen, should not be considered as “concealed” I mean it can be seen. So check with your state laws before you do this for your own mindset.

If you use or carry any EDC that is up to you, but in today’s world we have a better chance of being in some kind of scenario from personal attack, mugging, terrorist attack etc than ever before. I think to protect yourself or family should be a no brainer and you prepare period! What and how you carry is up to you, but think about it and do it, you may just save a life, even your own…

Stay safe!

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