Armed Citizen Saves Pregnant Pizza Driver From Beating


Armed Citizen Saves Pregnant Pizza Driver From Beating

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that an armed citizen put an abrupt end to a violent attack on a pregnant pizza delivery driver recently.

[T]he incident… occurred just before 9 p.m. Wednesday in the 4100 block of Waits Avenue in southwest Atlanta.

According to police, the driver was delivering a pizza to a home when three people approached her from the rear of the residence.

“The victim advised that one of the males was holding a black handgun,” Atlanta police spokesman Officer Jarius Daugherty said in a statement. “At that time, the male with the gun started to strike the victim with the weapon and demanded the keys to her vehicle.”

The woman refused and ran to a neighboring house before the suspects caught up with her and continued their assault, he said.

The attackers were all young teens; two boys and one girl.

Enter the champion:

Dennis Madaris heard the woman’s screams and went outside with his firearm, Daugherty said.

‘When I came around the corner here, I saw three people were beating on this lady. One of them had a gun,’ Madaris told Channel 2 Action News. ‘One of them turned around and he had the gun in his hand. I told him, “Drop the gun or I will drop you!” And they threw the gun down and all three of them took off.’

Thank you, Mr. Madaris.

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