Watch: Slinger ‘Cowboy’s Dream’ Ball and Cable Shotgun Shells


Watch: Slinger ‘Cowboy’s Dream’ Ball and Cable Shotgun Shells

Unconventional shotgun ammunition is nothing new. People have been using cut shells for decades, as well as replacing traditional shot charges with all kinds of things like rock salt, pebbles, nails, and the like. In this video, Paul Harrell takes a look at some novelty ammunition to see whether it’s really worthwhile.

This video concentrates on “Slinger Cowboy’s Dream” ammunition, which are shotgun shells stoked with a pair of irregularly-shaped lead balls joined by a short length of braided cable.

Unfortunately, he begins by shooting in the woods with no backstop. No likey.

We soon learn that Slingers are not accurate, and even at a measly 12 yards they can miss the target.

When he moves on to his patented meat target at 9 yards, the Slinger did some damage, but the difference between it and a load of 00 buckshot is no less than massive. The Slinger suffers in both penetration and damage done, as well as accuracy.

In the end, we learn why novelty shells are just that, and aren’t made by major ammunition companies.

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