Watch: Wood Shotgun Slugs With Steel Cores


Watch: Wood Shotgun Slugs With Steel Cores

What happens when you make shotgun slugs out of wood and then add a steel core? Well heck, let’s find out!

An Israeli candy-maker conjured up these slugs and sent them to Taofledermaus for testing. Oddly enough, he’s not a good predictor of how these projectiles will perform, and he shoots some of them backward (fail). Bottom line, we see some impressive performance and delightful destruction as well.

Am I the only one who kept telling the guy to put his knife away while he was sifting through the old Soldier of Fortune magazines in search of slug remains? At least he finally heard me.

Yet another shooting video without any sort of a backstop. They’re actually sending these projectiles down a long flat dirt road! This is a big mistake and I hope nobody else does this. Bullets — even those of odd materials — can travel much farther than you might expect.

They’re setting a poor example, but the results are interesting.

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