Preppers: Experimenting and Trying New Stuff


Preppers: Experimenting and Trying New Stuff

Preppers, how many of you have some type of experiment you have worked on recently? Not something tried and true, but something you are not sure about?

This could be something you heard about, read about, or saw in a video, and wanted to give it a try.

For example, I recently experimented with using an SUV as a solar dehydrator. It was something hinted at on a Doomsday Prepper show I saw years ago. The people talking about the solar dehydrator did not show the results, they just talked about it.

The Doomsday Prepper show episode had stayed in my head for several years, so I eventually decided to give it a try. Using a meat thermometer to measure the air temperature in a Toyota Highlander SUV, temperatures inside the SUV were 30 degrees hotter than outside the SUV.

After running the experiment for three days, the results were surprising.

  • Bell peppers shrunk down to almost nothing
  • Tabasco peppers did wonderful
  • Jalapeno peppers felt oily
  • Tomatoes and onions looked like they were ready to be stored and cooked with later.

Overall, I was happy with the results and I learned a lot. Those are the types of experiments we want to talk about.

Preppers and Trying New Ideas

Maybe it is something left over from when we were in school that failure is bad. We would take a test, and if we failed the test, mom, dad, and the teacher would be upset. Even in college I had an instructor who was almost yelling at the class because we were having problems understanding something he was trying to teach.

Regardless of what we have been taught, or to expect, failure is okay. It is okay to ruin an experiment, and if the experiment fails, so what? It was our time and money invested, and hopefully we learned something from it.

Getting Ideas

Some of the places to get some new ideas is from children’s science classes. Let someone else come up with the ideas, and teachers do a good job of that.

  • Plant germination
  • Wildlife
  • Nature
  • Plant pollination
  • Fish ecology

The list goes on almost forever. Read through the post at SurvivalistBoards and see what some of the members are posting about. Being part of a community where members can exchange ideas is very beneficial.

Final Thoughts

Sometime people get into a comfort groove were we do not do new things, or new ideas. Part of growing as a person is learning, and part of learning is doing.

So get out there do something, and try something new!

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