Watch: Neostead 2000 Dual-Tube Pump Shotgun


Watch: Neostead 2000 Dual-Tube Pump Shotgun

In this video, Ian takes a look at the Neostead 2000 dual-tube pump shotgun. This is a stumpy little number that some may think is reminiscent of the Kel-Tec KSG, but it was actually conjured up back in the 1990s.

This 12 gauge 3″ magnum rated scattergun is a pump action with twin tube magazines — which happen to sit on top of the action and barrel — each of which can hold 6 shells, giving it a 12+1 capacity. Lots of boom-boom!

It’s a really cool gun with a unique and clever mechanism, but in the end, it’s just too complicated.

Something that makes this gun mighty handy is the handle up top, which doubles as a set of sights. It’s located roughly halfway down the length of the gun, which is great for balance — and because it’s a bullpup gun, the sights can live in that location and still be easy to use when the gun is shouldered.

The twin magazine tubes can feed alternatingly (one right, one left, repeat), which is a nice touch… this will help the gun remain better balanced while you run through your ammo. Or you could load the tubes with different ammo… say buckshot in one and slugs in the other, and feed ammo from just one of the tubes.

Unlike most other pump guns, the first motion of the Neostead’s pump is forward, not rearward. And also unusual is the fact that moving the pump forward actually moves the BARREL forward!

The magazine system is quite impressive, and we get to see just how it works. And because the barrel moves rather than a bolt, it can lock anywhere along its length. It does so in front of the trigger, in the area encompassed by the forearm/pump handle.

This video is great for folks who really care about how guns are made and how they operate. But don’t give up on it if you’re not into those details. Around the 16:30 mark, Ian heads to the range!

All kinds of bonuses in this one. You get to see one of the shells get mangled when it wasn’t fully aligned as he closed the action, and he flinches pretty strongly when he finally runs the gun dry.


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