Raccoons Zombie Apocalypse in New York City?


Raccoons Zombie Apocalypse in New York City?

Raccoons in New York City’s Central Park are reportedly dying from a virus that makes them act like zombies.

A viral outbreak is now being blamed for the deaths of more than two dozen raccoons in Central Park.

At least 26 raccoons have been found dead since late June.

None tested positive for rabies, but two did test positive for canine distemper virus.

The virus does not affect people, but it can spread to unvaccinated dogs.

From the video:

When officials describe raccoons acting like zombies, many thought it was a joke, but the concern is all too real.

Much of the two-minute video at that page, which is basically a TV news bit, is predictably useless. But it does feature a short interview with a veterinarian who said:

The zombie description of canine distemper comes when the virus infects the central nervous system… brain and spinal cord. Then the [animals] that have it may act very strangely, and that form of distemper can also be confused with rabies.

It’s unclear whether park authorities are actually crediting canine distemper with the zombie-like motions of the ‘coons.

The real lesson here is that you should have your pet vaccinated and avoid raccoons.

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