42,000 Year Old Worms Brought Back to Life


42,000 Year Old Worms Brought Back to Life

In an age when scientist warn about the next deadly plague, other scientist are bringing 42,000 year old worms back to life. The reason to revive organisms from the last Ice Age? Hopefully the worms will shed light on human cryogenics.

It reads like something out of a science fiction thriller. Scientist found worms in the Siberian permafrost, took the worms to a lab, and somehow brought them back to life. Never mind the idea of a deadly virus humanity has not seen in 40,000 years could be piggy backing on the worms.

Worms frozen during an ice age 42,000 years have been brought back to life by scientists

Worms frozen in permafrost for 42,000 years have sprung back to life, scientists say.

Experts managed to coax the two roundworms back to life after thawing the ice that had imprisoned them since the era of woolly mammoths.

The experiment could provide a breakthrough in the fields of astrobiology and cryonics, since it demonstrates the ‘ability of multi-cellular organisms to survive long-term’, the researchers claimed.

What makes this idea so ludicrous? No human organs have ever been frozen then thawed without damage.


Many experts say there is none.

Organs such as the heart and kidneys have never been successfully frozen and thawed.


Never mind vaccine makers have struggled for decades to find a vaccine for diseases such as HIV and Ebola. The first test Ebola vaccine was given to counter an Ebola outbreak in the middle of 2018.

For the 2017-2018 flu season the World Health Organization (WHO) suggested the wrong vaccine and the world faced a record setting flu outbreak. Numerous states set new records for flu cases, and in some instances, records for child deaths related to the flu.

  • No universal flu vaccine.
  • No HIV vaccine.
  • Guessing the wrong strands of flu for a flu season.
  • Unproven Ebola vaccine.
  • World Health Organization says it is just a matter or time before humanity faces another pandemic.
  • Bubonic plague showing its ugly head from time to time.

Even with all of that, scientist wake up worms that are 42,000 years old?

Then again, maybe the worms will provide a cure for something?


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