Paul Harrell on ‘Why I Don’t Like “Hyper” Ammo’


Paul Harrell on ‘Why I Don’t Like “Hyper” Ammo’

While ‘hyper’ ammunition — that’s high-priced specialty defensive handgun ammo typically loaded to high velocity and/or with unusual bullets — might seem like a great idea, not everyone agrees. And when someone with the experience and knowledge of Paul Harrell speaks up on the subject, it makes sense to at least give him a fair listen.

After a couple minutes of intro, Paul gets into the seven reasons why he holds a general disdain for hyper-speed ammo.

  1. High cost
  2. Poor/varying accuracy
  3. Lack of reliability
  4. Lack of availability
  5. The “precious” factor
  6. Legendary status
  7. Its effect on how you’re perceived by police/criminal profiling

I won’t try to recap his points; you’re better off to listen to them yourself. Suffice it to say that I agree with him on this subject and I’ve seen most of these things myself. Although I have yet to learn of an actual legal case in which the type of ammo someone used was a factor in his or her being charged and/or convicted.


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