Build a Battle Grab Pack


Build a Battle Grab Pack

One of the most essential elements about prepping and planning ahead for any potential SHTF is that every individual can do it their way. Everyone is admonished to create one BOB or Bug Out Bag or more. Inside the BOB prep items will most often differ one compared to another, though the categories are likely to be much the same. Survival basics are rather universal.

One of the most common prepper planning categories of attention is security, personal protection, and defense if worse comes to worst. Preppers whether bugging in or out are encouraged to assemble a “kit” of defensive weaponry to suit their needs. This kit can be stowed in a closet, kept under the bed, or elsewhere easy and quick to get to when needed.

Certainly as part of a Bug Out, you want to be prepared for any potential threat that might develop along the roadway, or backwoods. Then protection and security will be needed at the predetermined location to wait out the circumstances that brought you there. In travel this may be a single handgun or likely more. It very likely would include also a shotgun and a rifle to attend to various threats or issues.

In talking with numerous preppers and survivalists, a trending component of a bug in or out condition, mostly out, is to assemble what is being called a “Battle Grab Pack.” While you may have a firearm on the night stand, coffee table, somewhere nearby in the house or in the console of a vehicle, the Battle Grab Pack concept is a “sole source” gun box with perhaps several pre-loaded handguns, loaded magazines, ammo, a flashlight, and maybe a knife to address immediate pending threats. Grab this gun pack box and go or distribute the contents at home as needed. This keeps you from having to recover a gun from a locked closet, safe, or other slow to reach hideout location.

The Battle Grab Pack should be a secure box, large, well padded, latchable and lockable as desired. Plano and Pelican make such heavy duty cases, but other types of gun cases can be used as well. When equipped as mentioned above, this pack will be ready and set.

Your battle pack can be supplied as you see fit. Have guns you can use well, and ample ammo. The battle pack can sustain you, but only for the short haul, but it’s a good start.

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