Burglar Held at Gunpoint as Jogger Calls Police


Burglar Held at Gunpoint as Jogger Calls Police

Yukon, Oklahoma — A homeowner reportedly captured a would-be burglar and held him at gunpoint while a passer-by called police. It happened like this:

Steven Davenport was in his home when his burglar alarm chirped at him. Thinking he simply hadn’t properly closed the door between his garage and living area, he pulled it shut and went back to work.

When it chirped again shortly thereafter, he returned to the door and reached for the doorknob lever, but as he did, the lever moved without him touching it, and the door began to open.

Reacting quickly, Davenport quickly pulled the door shut and engaged the deadbolt and went to get his handgun. When he returned and slowly opened the door to check things out, the hapless intruder was standing in the garage, looking right at him!

The bad guy ran out the garage side door with Davenport hot on his heels.

This is where things get a bit dumb; Davenport says he racked a round into his 45 and told the guy he was gonna die if he didn’t get on the ground.

The dumb part: Using a gun that is not ready to rock & roll. His firearm should have been fully stoked with one in the chamber before he ever went to face a potential threat in his home. If the bad guy had charged him instead of fleeing, this could have turned out much differently.

Anyhow, the burglar did indeed get on the ground. In between claims that he had just been looking for some water and pleas to be set free, the crook followed Davenport’s instruction to crawl to the front of the house, where he continued to be held at gunpoint.

I told him if he got up, I was gonna shoot him.

Once in his driveway and without his cell phone, Davenport hollered for help. A female neighbor jogging nearby heard him, stopped, and called 911 for him.

After police arrived, they found a “makeshift mask” which most likely wouldn’t be used by anyone who was simply seeking a drink of water.

Kudos to Mr. Davenport and his neighbor for helping to get that guy out of their neighborhood. Too bad he’s probably already out of jail.

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