Good Guy With Gun Ends Peace Rally Shooting


Good Guy With Gun Ends Peace Rally Shooting

Titusville, FL – When gunshots reportedly rang out a peace rally hosted by the family of a murdered man, children and families fled, but one man moved towards the gunfire and ended the threat by shooting the offender when the gun was turned on him.

The Peace in the City rally event was held at a public park and was intended to help unify the community to help prevent murders like the one that took the life of the event’s hosts. Sadly, the shooting reportedly began over nothing more than a basketball game.

Police said the man was involved in a fistfight with another person at a crowded park, left and returned several minutes later with a gun and opened fire.

‘They started shooting,’ said Dwight Harvey, who was the DJ for the event. ‘The bounce houses were full of kids, and they started shooting right under the tree.’

The armed citizen who intervened was licensed to carry concealed, was praised by police, and will not be charged with any wrongdoing.

‘He’s a hero,’ Titusville Police Sgt. Bill Amos said. ‘This park was filled with families and children and, at that time, it was an active shooter situation for him and he was trained enough to deal with it and he did.’

Amos said that by confronting the gunman the bystander saved lives, adding that the citizen had his concealed weapons permit.

‘(The suspect) was confronted by a concerned citizen who saw him running away with the firearm and confronted him and (the suspect) pointed the firearm at him so that concerned citizen took action into his own hands and shot the perpetrator,’ Amos said. ‘It’s a miracle. That’s all you can say.’

Doesn’t seem like a miracle from here, just a good citizen doing what’s right.

One of the event’s hosts knows the good guy but refused to name him in order to protect his privacy, and said he is upset that he had to use deadly force to keep the peace.

I thank God he was there, I hate he had to do that because I know it’s bothering him as well.

Although shot in the head, the crook survives in critical condition.

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