Students Kicked Out of Class for Wearing NRA T-Shirts


Students Kicked Out of Class for Wearing NRA T-Shirts

Lodi, California – A pair of high school sophomores wearing pro-NRA T-shirts were reportedly berated by their history teacher, who claimed that “guns kill people” and threatened one with an essay assignment if she dared to voice disagreement. The other student was kicked out of class.

This took place at Lodi High School, whose dress code specifies that no weapons may be depicted on students’ clothing. And none were on the NRA T-Shirts in question; both were shirts that simply have “NRA” on the front and “National Rifle Association” on the back below a USA flag drawn with colored cartridge case heads.

After review, it was determined that the shirts were fine:

According to a statement from the Lodi Unified School District, ‘…the school administration reviewed the t-shirt in question and determined that it did not violate school dress code policy.’

One student’s mother spoke up about it.

‘I think he’s there to teach. I don’t think he’s there to discuss his personal beliefs.’

[Student’s mother Charlene] Craig says her 15-year-old daughter was lectured, while another student was sent to the principal’s office for refusing to take off the NRA shirt — a shirt that supports lifestyles they’ve grown up with in families of hunters and farmers.

‘That’s what she is, that’s what she does,’ said Craig.

She added that her daughter will wear the NRA T-Shirt to school again, and the school district “says it plans to refresh all staff about dress code policies, so this type of incident does not happen again.”

No word on how or if the teacher will be disciplined for lambasting students with whom he disagrees.

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