Family Life at a Yukon River Fish Camp by Stan Zuray


Family Life at a Yukon River Fish Camp by Stan Zuray

Sometimes, posting about gun control and other depressing subjects just gets old. At times like this, it’s good to take a look at something more refreshing — and more useful, to boot. And I always enjoy seeing what’s up with Stan Zuray of the erstwhile TV show Yukon Men, which has not been renewed for some unknown reason.

We’ve looked at Stan’s videos before, including one on how to make smoked fish strips, which he posted last summer. This time around he’s showing what’s been going on at his family fish camp on the Yukon River. It opens with his son Joey toting a bunch of fish up the steep bank to the work area, where other family members are hard at work processing the fish into food that will get them through the coming winter.

He also shows a cool generator, which is run by water via gravity, and can produce about a thousand watts. Not bad for something at a fish camp that’s operated by the natural flow of water. His wood-fired hot tub heater is also inventive.

They bring young folks to the camp to learn about fishing and the fish, and to do “data camp,” meaning they collect data about the king salmon to keep tabs on the fishery.

Pretty cool, and a heck of a lot more worthwhile than most things we watch these days. Enjoy.

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