Worth a Look: OtterBox Venture Coolers


Worth a Look: OtterBox Venture Coolers

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Back in January at the 2018 SHOT Show, I was introduced to OtterBox’s Venture line of premium coolers, and they may represent the most thoroughly-thought-out design I’ve seen yet.

They come in three sizes (25, 45, and 65 quart) in three cryptically-named two-tone color schemes: Hudson (white & blue), Ridgeline (tan & green), and Back Trail (tan, orange, and camouflage).

The one-handed opening works well, and the latches are accessed from the top (instead of the side) to open. Special attachment points are built onto the body of the cooler to attach the many available accessories — including the original OtterBox dry box.

Unfortunately, the Accessories area of their website doesn’t work on my Windows PC without a touch screen, and it doesn’t display well on my smallish iPhone SE, so I can’t tell you every accessory that’s available, but the ones I saw looked both useful and tough. And each cooler comes with a bottle opener designed to fit the attachment points, which would otherwise cost you $20.

(Image: OtterBox)
(Image: OtterBox)

All in all, I liked what I saw. The rigid side handles do restrict tight packing in a truck bed, but they will probably never break and they make great supports for the optional side table.

They’re injection molded rather than roto molded, and an un-scientific hefting of one told me it was a bit lighter than I’d expected.

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Venture Specs

  • Made in USA
  • Inside capacity exactly matches size name (25 quarts = 25 quarts, etc)
  • Mounting system to attach accessories
  • Tough latches drop down out of the way
  • Included accessories: Bottle Opener
  • Anti-slide rubber feet
  • Durable integrated handles
  • Slanted interior bottom for easy draining
  • Nesting grooves: cutting board and storage tray rest on inner rim even when fully loaded
  • Keeps ice up to 10 days
  • Certified bear-resistant by Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) (when secured with locking Kit)
  • Backed by OtterBox Limited Lifetime Warranty

Venture 25L Specs

Venture 25 (Image: OtterBox)
Venture 25 (Image: OtterBox)
  • External dimensions: 26.00″ L x 18.76” W x 16.08” H
  • Internal dimensions (Top): 13.89” L x 11.67” W x 10.56” H
  • Internal dimensions (Bottom): 12.73” L x 10.60” W x 10.56” H
  • Weight: 16.79 lb
  • MSRP: $229.99

Venture 45L Specs

Venture 45 (Image: OtterBox)
Venture 45 (Image: OtterBox)
  • External dimensions: 31.39” L x 18.76” W x 18.83” H
  • Internal dimensions (Top): 19.30” L x 11.67” W x 13.30” H
  • Internal dimensions (Bottom): 18.10” L x 10.60” W x 13.30” H
  • Weight: 26.37 lb
  • MSRP: $299.99

Venture 65L Specs

Venture 65 (Image: OtterBox)
Venture 65 (Image: OtterBox)
  • External dimensions: 40.01” L x 18.76” W x 18.83” H
  • Internal dimensions (Top): 27.92” L x 11.67” W x 13.30” H
  • Internal dimensions (Bottom): 26.72” L x 10.60” W x 13.30” H
  • Weight: 32.95 lb
  • MSRP: $349.99
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