Deer Farmers


Deer Farmers

John J. Woods
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Today’s modern tactics for hunting white-tailed deer have a lot to do with deer enhancement strategies involving ways to help bucks grow bigger antlers. These strategies also include overall deer herd health improvements by supplying supplemental food resources as well as farming wildlife food plots.

Virtually any deer hunter can provide whitetail enhancements whether they own land, lease it, or even hunt on open public lands. The most savvy deer hunters know that right now is the time of the season to begin raising the bar on implementing some of these enhancement strategies.

It is July, hot, humid, and it has been an amazingly wet spring and early summer, especially in the south where huge deer populations reside. This typically means that native browses are in full growth mode, so deer should have plenty to eat. But is it enough? Is quality nutrition available to all deer? If not, now is the time to start a plan to assist deer in your area.

First and foremost, now is the time to put out high quality minerals and nutritional supplements to help grow bigger, stronger antlers. There are many such products on the market. One that has proven results in supplying supplemental minerals is ME2 by Buck Warrior. This mineral mix contains thirteen essential minerals and elements to help grow big antler racks. Check out Buck Warrior Enterprises on their Facebook page. Don’t wait on doing this.

It is never too late to throw some basic fertilizers out for supreme native browse like honeysuckle, berries, and lush green growth that deer love to eat on your property or wherever you hunt. Just take a few bags out to your deer habitat and simply throw the fertilizer out into these prime deer foods.

Thinking ahead to fall, think wildlife food plots. Now is the time to treat these plots with a herbicide to kill off negative weed growth. This will make plot farming easier later. This work may also include bush hog mowing to knock back really dense weed growth. Get control of your food plots now.

What to plant this fall? First, do your soil samples again. If your plots need lime or other nutrients, arrange for that now. Seed wise think about three primary types. First, perennials like clovers, chicory, and alfalfa. Second, plant cereal grains like oats, wheat, and triticale. Third, add brassicas including radishes, rape, and turnips. These triple threat wildlife plot foods will provide deer with essential resources, protein, and carbohydrates. Best get to work now.

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