Prepper Tips: Weight of a Bug Out Bag


Prepper Tips:  Weight of a Bug Out Bag

John J. Woods
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Much conjecture exists today in the beehive of prepper communications about how much a bug out bag should weigh. It seems rather silly to suggest such guidelines be established as though the suggestions were pure survival gospel. So many variations exist as there are differences in the people tasked with toting such supply bags. Ultimately, these are the decisions every prepper-survivalist must answer and work out for themselves.

I have seen Army duffle bags used as bug out bags and they work great. They are made tough, and wear like steel. If you fold up stuff tight, stack it, and slip items down beside the internal stack, it is amazing what one of these stout bags will hold. There is also a sturdy closure with the steel loop and grommet fixture and the strap hook. However, fully loaded one of these packed bags can easily weigh one hundred pounds. A small person of any regard could hardly pick this bag up, much less carry it very far in a serious SHTF bug out scenario.

So, what is the balance? Well, first comes the question of what are the most essential items to pack in a first order bug out bag. I just read a recommended bug out bag supply list of five crucial items. Three of the items I would not put in a bug out bag at all. This simply illustrates that everyone’s decision-making process is different. This is normal among preppers.

We all have different expectations and goals for the first 24-72 hours of a SHTF event. We all want to survive, but we might have varying ways of attempting to do this. Some may resort to living out of a vehicle for a while, but others want to pitch a tarp and literally weather the elements. While water is essential, what food one person loves, others might choke on.

A graduate of the Delta team course maybe could live on rainwater and cockroaches, but the majority of us want something other than that. If 50 people choose to pack a knife, there will be 100 different kinds or brands. Even the bug out bags or packs will be different.

The goal is to find out what weight you and each prep team member can carry all day long. It may be 50 pounds for you, but ten for your wife, etc. Go through trials to find out what works. Split loads and divide up some basic bug out essential gear and supplies. There is no set weight for a bug out bag.

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