IWI Tavor 7 delivery delayed, no ETA.


IWI Tavor 7 delivery delayed, no ETA.

It appears the highly anticipated IWI Tavor 7 in 7.62x51mm has been delayed yet again. The informal announcement was made today by Jeremy Gresham‎, IWI US Director of Sales & Marketing on the Tavor 7 Facebook Group.

There’s no ETA at this time and we will keep you updated when we hear something.

9/17/2018 Update

After Israel pulled some samples their testing confirms what our testing did. The accuracy is not what we expect it to be. Being that our companies goals are


We decided to bring it back and figure out the issue. While this isn’t the most exciting news I can share with you it is the truth. I do not have any type of a timeline. The only timeline I have is when it’s ready and passes our standards we will release it to the world.

Personal statements-
I do believe we are close just not there fully. This isn’t a fictionally thing and I cannot stress this enough. This is 1000% geared around an accuracy standard that myself and our team hold to. You’ll see some type of release from us and I’m sure I’ll catch some Flack for it. Any help with those naysayers is always appreciated. However, personally I give zero fucks. My job to ensure we put our best foot forward for long term success of the company which means providing you the customer a product you can be proud of.

To those who wish not to wait and to purchase another rifle. I thank you for giving us a chance. Maybe we can earn your business back later down the road.

To those who wish to stay. I thank you for your patients in this project and all others. We will get it right.

Also Thomas Alibrando has been a big part of this holding the line and testing. I do believe credit is owned when do and he has been going back and forth to the range testing different loads. While some say it’s fun to shoot all day. Let me be the first to tell you It’s not! Shooting for groups that impact the future of a product is stressful on the mind and the eyes. It keeps people like him and I up at night trying to bring this project home.

Any questions feel free to ask. I will do my best to answer them.


In the meantime, you can check out this Tavor 7 full-auto video below.

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