Review: Rocky Mountain 5-Pin Archery Sight + Video


Review: Rocky Mountain 5-Pin Archery Sight + Video

The Rocky Mountain 5-Pin Direct Mount sight combines affordability with full adjustability and offers a build quality unexpected in this price range.

A few months back I went on a hunt for an affordable bow sight that would hold up to some abuse and have all of the adjustability I was looking for. The first company I reached out to was Feradyne Outdoors and it sent over a Rocky Mountain 5-Pin Direct Mount sight for me to test.

Rocky Mountain lists the 5-Pin Direct Mount sight for $80 on its website, but I have found some for under $60 at online retailers. You can certainly find less expensive bow sights, but I’ve not seen one with second and third axis adjustability in this price range anywhere.

It’s that third axis adjustability that most budget sights don’t offer. This is what you want if you do any shooting with significant up or down angles. If your third axis isn’t dialed in, your impact point is going to be off – possibly by a lot. You can read more about the importance of third axis adjustment here.

Unlike some cheap bow sights I’ve tested before, moving the individual pins is pretty simple – just loosen a screw with a hex key and move your pin up or down as necessary then lock it back down. When you lock the screw back down, the pins don’t rotate or move on you, which is a problem many cheaper sights have.

You can micro adjust the entire scope (all five pins at once) up/down or left/right without any tools at all. There are laser etchings you can use as markers. One thing I’d like to see is an arrow or some marker on the sight block that points at those etchings to make it easier to mark the changes you’ve made.

As for build quality, the Rocky Mountain 5-Pin Direct Mount sight features all aluminum construction. I installed the sight on a Hoyt Carbon RX-1 bow and shot thousands over the past few months and have had zero issues. Nothing has come loose, and nothing is vibrating. That’s about all I can ask for out of any sight, let alone one in this price range.

Pin brightness has been impressive. The sight has a built-in light adapter, but I have not needed to install one. The pins are all .19” and alternate green, red, green, red, green. I have mine set up at 20, 30, 40, 50 and 76 yards, with the last one used for long range practice and fun shoots at my club.

You can shop for Rocky Moutain sights here.

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