Abusive Man Shot and Killed by 15-year-Old


Abusive Man Shot and Killed by 15-year-Old

An abusive man who was choking a mother of 3 was reportedly shot and killed by her offspring last month.

Steven Kelley had a history of domestic abuse and had two active domestic violence protection orders against him from two other women in two other states, and he had previously assaulted his girlfriend and fired guns inside the home to intimidate and threaten her.

When he attacked her again a few days later, he choked her and yelled “that he was going to cut her throat and kill everyone in the house.” That’s when the woman’s children beat him to the punch. The 12-year-old boy retrieved a single-action Colt 45 revolver and his 15-year-old sister used it on Kelley, hitting him twice in the chest.

Police found him dead at the scene.

One bullet reportedly fragmented and grazed another daughter’s leg; a minor injury that was easily treated.

For those who believe gun laws will help remove guns from the world: Kelley was a convicted felon and therefore prohibited from owning a gun — yet he “had multiple guns in the house and frequently carried one.”

In this case, access to a firearm saved at least four lives from a violent criminal. And I am thankful for that — and that the kids’ late father had taught them how to shoot, according to District Attorney Ted Bell. For those who aren’t aware, the single-action revolver she used must be cocked before each shot, and I’m sure glad she knew how to use it.

It’s unclear whether the revolver was one of Kelley’s, or one which the mother had “hidden… around the house for protection when the boyfriend started acting dangerously in recent weeks.”

Bell said his office determined the shooting was justified and that no charges are warranted against the children.

‘It was absolutely clear that the mom’s life was in jeopardy, as well as potentially the children, and so in that situation we absolutely support the right of somebody to defend themselves and others with deadly force,’ he said. ‘I commend the 15-year-old for doing a very difficult thing by saving her mom’s and siblings’ lives and showing an amazing amount of maturity.’


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