California Concealed Carry Just Got Harder


California Concealed Carry Just Got Harder

Most gun owners will agree that California is anything but a firearms paradise. Restrictive laws continue to oppress citizens by restricting their civil rights… and now concealed carry applicants will reportedly have more hoops than ever to jump through. Oh, and bump stocks are a no-no.

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a new law requiring that Californians undergo at least eight hours of training, including live-fire exercises, before carrying concealed weapons.

He also signed a bill making it clear that rapid-fire “bump stocks” like those used in last year’s Las Vegas Strip massacre are illegal in California.

The news is not as bad as it could have been, though. Brown actually vetoed some “worse” laws that were passed by state lawmakers.

But he announced Wednesday that he vetoed a bill to expand California’s gun violence restraining order law, despite a move in other states to approve such laws in the wake of mass shootings in Las Vegas and at a Florida high school.

The bill would have allowed colleagues, mental health workers and school employees to seek restraining orders.

He also vetoed requiring officials to study allowing suicidal individuals to ban themselves from buying weapons.

So I guess there’s that. But in reality, what we’re seeing is not a victory by any means; it’s simply a further erosion of rights we were all born with, and which are not granted by government.

I do have to add that things are pretty bad when Jerry Brown vetoes the sorts of things which were signed by Republican Rick Scott as governor of Florida.

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