Is Pemmican the Ultimate Survival Food?


Is Pemmican the Ultimate Survival Food?

Now here’s a video DIY I might just have to try myself. It’s all about pemmican, which is essentially a preserved food of concentrated meat and fat… talk about the perfect food for me! I guess you could say pemmican was the Spam of its day.

This is actually a series of short videos, with the first one educating us about what pemmican is and what it’s good for. It calls pemmican “the ultimate survival food” and goes on to tell us why, along with some history of pemmican, which began with the American Indians. After being prepared and placed in rawhide bags with buffalo tallow poured over it, it could last as long as 20 or 30 years!

Part 2 (below) purports to tell us how we can prepare pemmican to eat at home, in camp, or even at historical reenactments. But it begins with even more history, which is not a bad thing.

He takes some really delicious-looking dried meat and breaks it up into a sort of meat powder, which I confess I would eat with a spoon. I could never make pemmican; I’d eat up all the meat before the recipe could be completed.

On to the third installment, which tells us how to use pemmican to prepare rubaboo (a sort of stew or soup once widely consumed by fur traders and M├ętis natives). Yummy…

In the final pemmican video, which is another short-and-sweet one, we learn about rousseau or pemmican hash, another popular pemmican dish from back in the day. And true to form, we begin with a Townsends history lesson to learn about the history of rousseau and how it earned its name.

I can’t say his rubaboo looked great to me, but his rousseau had me salivating.

Must… have… pemmican…

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