This Bowl Mouse Trap Design is 118 Years Old


This Bowl Mouse Trap Design is 118 Years Old

Getting tired of gun control and crime? Me, too. So, here’s something everyone can relate to: the need to catch mice and the wide variety of ways they can be caught. And this time, we join “Mousetrap Monday” man Shawn Woods as he tests a mouse trap design that was patented in 1900.

It’s a simple setup — like most practical mouse traps that work. You prop up a bowl and use a couple levers to set it up, then the bowl falls down to contain the critters.

After trying it on one of his pets, he puts it in the barn to catch a wild mouse — which he does. The next morning, he turns it loose.

Am I the only one who wanted to see a snake eat that mouse as it ran away? I hate mice around my home, shop, or camp — which is why I love having non-venomous snakes around.

Anyhow, this is one more way you can catch those pesky little rascals. Enjoy.

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