Gen 3 XR reticle announced for Tangent Theta scopes


Gen 3 XR reticle announced for Tangent Theta scopes

This morning Armament Technology Inc., the worldwide distributor for Tangent Theta┬ámilitary grade scopes, unveiled on their Facebook page the brand new Gen 3 XR reticle that will soon be available on their line of scopes. It will first be available in mrad (mils) which is the more common in today’s tactical scopes than MOA.

The new reticle features a floating center dot for reduced obstruction on the target, as well as more data for ranging than the current Gen 2 XR reticle available today. This reticle looks fairly similar to other popular reticles such as Kahles SKMR3 reticle as well as Trijicon’s own reticle on the new Accupower 4-5-30x scope.

It is expected to be available starting first quarter of 2019.


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