Work Boots for (Practically) Free? Yep, That’s a Thing


Work Boots for (Practically) Free? Yep, That’s a Thing

Sears is pushing some serious sales lately, and this deal on work boots is as impressive as another recent tool kit sale we covered where you can effectively get the sale price back in cashback points after completing your purchase. This time around there are a number of options to choose from including work boots from Timberland, Wolverine, and DieHard with either soft, steel, or composite toes. Where this deal is optimized is on the more budget-conscious boots, as you can earn $60 in cashback points on boot purchases of $60 or more. A prime example are these waterproof Elk Woods Boots seen below, which are already on sale to begin with for $65.05 from $120, before you even consider the additional cashback promotion.

The details of this deal are relatively straightforward, and sadly they don’t cut you a payment for $60 as soon as you spend $60. Instead, you get your cashback in three instalments of $20. The first is issues on purchase, and the two following instalments land in November and December. Sadly you can’t save and stack them either, as one expires before the next one starts, but if you’re a regular Sears shopper to begin with you’ll have no problem putting this cashback to good use.

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