Last Minute Halloween Decor You Didn’t Know You Needed


Last Minute Halloween Decor You Didn’t Know You Needed

It’s that time of the year, and Halloween is right around the corner. Thanks to some fast shipping you can still snag some last minute Halloween decor to make sure your house is on-point for the occasion. Rather than sticking with conventional offerings, we’ve found a whole stack of weirdness online that will entertain (and sometimes confuse) your friends, neighbors, and trick-or-treaters. Enjoy!

halloween decor lawn flamingo

Pair of Halloween Skeleton Lawn Flamingos

Lawn flamingos generally incite a bit of a giggle, but these flamingo skeletons are in a league of their own when it comes to halloween decor. At $18.99 for the pair, we’re on the fence as to whether tucking one in a random corner of the yard, or filling the yard with dozens of them would have greater impact on visitors this halloween.

halloween decor spiders

Martha Stewart Backlit LED Spiders

Of course Martha’s in the halloween decor game, and credit where credit is due, these spiders are tasteful yet creepy. Also, being on sale for only $2.80 it’s kinda hard to go wrong. Double-sided adhesive, as well as the required batteries are all included for the bargain basement price.

halloween decor skull bowl
Skull’s Soul Spirit Bowl With Lid

This unique hand-cast and hand-finished creation is all sorts of spooky, making it the perfect place to store halloween treats around the house. Marked down from $43.90 to $34.03, it’s a relatively solid bargain, and being made from real bonded crushed stone it’s a piece that’s destined to last you a good number of spooky years.

halloween decor lit cookie monster

Lit Cookie Monster Yard Decoration

Turning things a little more kid friendly, this lit Cookie Monster in a superhero costume is just plain adorable. It’s a safe bet for families with wee ones that aren’t quite ready for the real scary stuff, and as we creep towards the holiday it’s on sale for 29% off.

halloween decor vulture skeleton
Crazy Bonez Skeleton Vulture

Back to the darkside we go, these 10 inch tall vultures have bendable necks and movable heads so that when grouped together a more natural appearance can be achieved. It’s part of the Crazy Bonez collection of creepy skeletons, which on its own is worth a closer look.

halloween decor inflatable
Giant Inflatable Bat Cat

Inflatables don’t come cheap, but they’ve become a much-loved easy answer for large scale decoration for any occasion. There are plenty of options out there for Halloween, but this odd “Bat Cat” for $99.99 instantly caught our eye.

halloween decor gnome

Crawling Zombie Garden Gnome

Let’s face it, gnomes are creepy, period. What twisted individual decided that they needed to be even more creepy in time for halloween is one dark individual for sure, but when freaking people out is the name of the game we’ll say mission accomplished. This guy is just one of a few creepy variations, reasonably priced at $28.99.

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