Sure, I’ll Take Ammo with That


Sure, I’ll Take Ammo with That

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


One of the biggest mistakes that gun buyers make is not talking about ammunition. Nine times out of ten when we sell at new firearm at a gun show, the buyer never mentions having or needing ammunition. When we bring it up, they look at us like deer in a headlight as though the thought of it was a distant unrelated concept.

If you buy a new gun to you, then you are eventually going to have to acquire ammo for it if you intend to shoot it. While this sounds so elementary to be a no-brainer, you might be surprised at how many gun buyers have no clue about what ammo to buy for a new firearm. In some cases they even have little to no clue what they intend to do with that firearm. The exceptions are hunters, law enforcement, target or competition shooters. Average citizens buying a gun for home or personal defense usually have no idea about ammo.

So, buyers, do yourself a big favor whether you are knowledgeable about guns or not. Before you get the urge to shop for a new gun, do some research about the available ammunition in that caliber and what the various types are designed to do. Have some understanding of the capabilities of that weapon before you start shopping for a particular gun or a particular caliber.

Know the brand names of ammunition as well as the makes in the calibers you intend to buy and use. Learn about all the loads offered by each of the ammunition manufacturers. What bullet types are available and in what bullet weights. Know what the more or less standard bullet types and weights are used in the caliber you want to buy. You should know things such as the difference between which general practice ammunition to use as opposed to which specific self-defense ammo loads perform the best.

Match all that information with the projected purpose for the new firearm. Is it for self-defense, concealed carry, home defense, or is it a hunting gun and then for what types of game, etc. The more you can learn in advance of a gun purchase, the better informed consumer you will be. Seek advice from gun dealers, other shooters, as well as gun range operators or training experts. The more you know the smarter gun user you will be.

When you plan to buy a new gun, plan to buy ammo at the same time. Sure, shop around, but know what you want, what it is for, and then go to work learning how to use it.

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