How to Make Wood Gouges From a Hacksaw Blade


How to Make Wood Gouges From a Hacksaw Blade

Here’s a wood worker who needed some finer wood-carving tools, so he decided to make his own. The material he chose is a hacksaw blade and the video clearly shows how he forms three new hand chisels or gouges, using simple equipment he found around his shop.

He anneals the saw blade first, by heating it red-hot and allowing it to cool slowly. This makes it soft enough to be workable. Then he forms a jig by cutting a V into a hunk of steel bar stock and filing a thinner piece of stock to act as a male die to form a V chisel.

To make round gouges of varying sizes, he simply drills some square steel stock to form half-round holes, then welds the two pieces together and uses the shanks of the drill bits and a hammer to form the round portion.

To harden them, he heats them red-hot and plunges them into oil. Then he tempers them to make them less brittle behind the cutting portion.

A great way to get some more use out of an old saw blade.

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