DIY Cardboard AK47 That “Shoots”


DIY Cardboard AK47 That “Shoots”

This is pretty cool to watch, even if you’re more into building stuff from wood and steel than cardboard. This person built a toy replica of an AK rifle, which actually shoots projectiles, which load from a curved detachable magazine. It’s impressive, really.

The first 1:25 or so is just a demo of the “gun,” which gets tedious after a bit. Skip ahead to see some actual building. But mute it unless you want your brain defiled by techno-crap music.

Templates are available as pdf files via links in the video description.

Aside from cardboard, the other main ingredients are hot glue, super glue, construction paper, wood dowels/skewers, rubber bands, and music wire for making the springs. Tools include an X-acto knife, garden pruners, sandpaper, and pliers.

It even includes the “gas tube” and front & rear sights… although my favorite part is the detachable mag.


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