Tuckable holsters for unusual guns


Tuckable holsters for unusual guns

A universal holster seems like a handy thing to have when you get an unusual firearm. This tuckable model is backed with a soft, well-ventilated pad, resulting in a very comfortable carry and good concealment. The molding accommodates a wide variety of semiauto pistols.

The rise of the belt clip is adjustable. A different clip adjustable for cant s available as well.

Consider, however, the difference between the photos above and below. The shell doesn’t hold the firearm in a consistent position, so the drawstroke could differ from one time to the next. The magazine release coverage isn’t consistent either. Once the holder is placed in the waistband, the pressure of the garment holds the pistol in place well, but it’s angle still depends on how it was re-holstered.

While FN pistol shown is fairly mainstream, there’s plenty of less common Turkish designs in circulation that are not served by holster makers. Custom leather can be ordered, but often at cost that’s too high for a budget weapon. At $45, Ultimate Hybrid isn’t too dear and works for most medium and large semiautos.

The joy of owning an HK P7PSP is partly offset by the scarcity of good leather for it. Craft Holsters makes several economical designs for it, including a tuckable for $62.

The magazine pouch uses fairly thin leather and that makes is nicely concealable.

The tuckable loop is stiff enough to ensure consistent positioning and clean draw.

Unfortunately, the same thin leather without mouth reinforcement has insufficient boning and fails to hold the pistol in a consistent position. The gun can tilt by several degrees from one extreme to the other, potentially compromising the draw. Worse, the unreinforced mouth sags a little when new and may sag more once exposed to humidity, possibly interfering with the trigger on re-holstering. Re-holstering itself is complicated because the pressure of the belt partly collapses the holster opening, making the return of the gun a little more complicated. So, while the magazine pouch is solid — the mouth is smaller and thus stiffer, and empty mags aren’t usually returned to it anyway — the holster may be suboptimal. The absence of reinforced mouth is a mystery, as this maker offers two reinforced models for the same P7.

In sum, either look up review of holsters before making an order on-line, or patronize the local store where you can try the rigs before buying them.


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