Montana Decoy’s New Deer Rump Decoy


Montana Decoy’s New Deer Rump Decoy

The latest product from Montana Decoy is a foldable, packable deer decoy which masquerades as a whitetail doe as seen from behind. The Deer Rump folds into a compact package, but offers realistic imagery thanks to HD photography.

It comes with leg poles and weighs in at 32 ounces (2 pounds), and folds down to 8″ x 16″. When deployed it measures 21″ x 34″ — and it comes with two removable “teaser tails,” which attach by magnetically clinging to one another on opposite sides of the decoy. In other words, you can’t use just one tail… it’s both, or none.

Montana Decoy Deer Rump portable whitetail deer decoy
Montana Decoy Deer Rump portable whitetail deer decoy
(Image © 2018 Montana Decoy, Inc)

From the manufacturer:

The lightest, most packable whitetail decoy ever and it works throughout the season. Folds down so small you can literally carry it with you all the time, but opens up plenty big enough to impact your hunt. Comes with two replaceable Teaser Tails for just the right amount of extra realism and motion. If you’re a scent user, add it to the Teaser Tail and just replace the tail when you want to change scents or not use any. Easily one of our most versatile decoys.

The MSRP is $69.99, and you can buy it here.

I’m thinking about trying a deer decoy, if for no other reason than to get bucks to pause while crossing narrow shooting lanes, so I can give them a good once-over… or to convince a skittish old stud that it’s okay for him to come on out into a food plot or under an acorn tree, rather than hanging back in the brush.

What do you think about deer decoys and their use?

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