Watch: How to Break Down a Deer Ham or Hind Quarter


Watch: How to Break Down a Deer Ham or Hind Quarter

Deer hunters have quite a job ahead of them when they make a kill… they have to convert that large beast into preservable packages of edible meat. And it’s true that many hunters hire that job out to others by taking their deer to a butcher or processor, but if you have some time and determination it’s really not all that hard to do it yourself.

I’ve butchered many of my deer, and it does take time… but knowing how to do it right can help you speed up the process. This video shows how to “break down” a deer ham (or hind leg/quarter) into the separate muscle groups, or roasts — including sirloin tip, rump roast, bottom round, shank, and top round.

He begins by cleaning up the outside of the meat by removing fat, sinew, hair, and the like.

This has a lot of great info, as I never knew that the eye of round roast was a nice tender goodie in the ham… I usually turn my hams into cubed steaks.

At the end, he names and describes the various sections of meat, along with suggestions for use & preparation of them. Nice!

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