Detroit’s New ‘Bullet Bill’ Adds Ammo Taxes, Mental Health Check


Detroit’s New ‘Bullet Bill’ Adds Ammo Taxes, Mental Health Check

Proving once again that lawmakers have no common sense, The Detroit City Council has reportedly unanimously approved a “Bullet Bill” gun control resolution. This astoundingly stupid regulation adds even more taxes to ammunition sales in Wayne County, MI, limits the amount of ammunition that can be purchased, and requires ammo buyers to submit to a “mental health background check” before they may exchange their money for goods that go bang.

Commissioner Reggie Reg Davis of the 6th district spearheaded the resolution.

“It has to stop,” said Reggie Reg Davis. “We must stop this. We can’t continue to be a killing field.”

Davis’ family has suffered tragic losses from the violence.

“I talk about my kid brother Vito, I also lost another brother, Keon, I lost my uncle,” he said.

He said he was also sick of hearing about horrific shootings in Detroit daily.

That’s why Davis says he came up with the “Bullet bill.”


It doesn’t take much deep thought to realize that “horrific shootings” are done by criminals.

Criminals aren’t supposed to buy guns. But they do.

Now, criminals aren’t supposed to buy ammo.

But. They. Will.

But this really isn’t about violence or crime. It’s about control. Not controlling guns, but controlling you and me. This is just a small step towards erasing our civil rights altogether.

Davis worked closely with Detroit City Council member Andre Spivey, building a coalition.

“It’s a start but we’ve got a long way to go,” Spivey said.

Spivey sponsored the ordinance that would require mental health background checks on those looking to buy ammunition and it would also impose additional county taxes on ammo.

Lip service was paid to gun rights:

“We are not attempting to destroy your right to bear arms,” Davis said. “(We want to) put taxes on that ammunition and use those funds to teach urban American folk about the importance of bearing arms and how to become a responsible gun owner.”

Yeah… he’s lying. The taxes stolen from ammo buyers are earmarked to “cover administrative costs, assist victims of gun violence, and educational programs with a focus on conflict resolution.”

From here, it appears that if you buy ammo in Detroit, you will be paying for anti-gun propaganda.

If murder is the problem, why not just make homicide illegal? Oh wait…

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