Don’t Underestimate 22 Rimfire Pocket Guns


Don’t Underestimate 22 Rimfire Pocket Guns

Here’s a topic sure to fire up keyboard commandos far and wide: Is the 22 LR a worthwhile cartridge to use for personal protection in a compact carry handgun?

This video takes a look at that, and apparently comes out more pro than con. Here’s the description:

Pocket pistols and revolvers chambered for the humble 22 LR are easily dismissed as carry guns suitable only for novices and the elderly. While there are some definite drawbacks to relying on a small gun that fires small bullets for self-defense, it also may have significant advantages that even skilled and experienced shooters can benefit from.

I’ll go on the record here as saying that for me, the 22 LR is not a good choice for self defense. The wimpiest round I want to keep handy is 9mm… but if something smaller is what I have when the need arises, a gun that fires small ammo will most certainly beat the heck out of nothing.

This video submits 22 pocket guns to some honest examination, covering numerous reasons why they are usually not a great choice. Heavy trigger pull, extra width, difficulty of shooting accurately, etc.

But he then says, “Having said all that, I think it’s a mistake to dismiss the 22 pocket pistol as a gun that’s just barely better than nothing. It has some benefits, even for proficient shooters who don’t have any medical limitations.”

It’s an interesting look at the subject, any way you slice it.

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