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Apex Ammunition

Apex is defined as the upper most point, which can be translated to superior when referring to predators. As hunters we are the apex predator and having ammunition to back that can be the difference of harvesting game or coming home empty handed. Apex Ammunition  , in my opinion, is superior when referring to waterfowl shot shells.

Ducks can be very difficult to bring down depending on the weather as well as species. Over the course of my quest for the North American Grand Slam I have used just about every type of shot shell on the market. However, the need for consistent patterns and a density that can deliver efficient kill shots is crucial. Not long ago I stumbled across Apex Ammunition while scrolling through social media. They had some rather impressive content, but the biggest attraction for me was their customer service. Typically this aspect of any business is what it’s all about and Apex does an outstand job in this capacity.

So what’s so different about Apex Ammunition? Apex is ammunition designed to be deadly in all areas of waterfowl and turkey hunting.  One of the main differences is the use of TSS  which is hard hitting, dense Tungsten. Not to mention the use of the roll crimp, that was used in the early days of waterfowl hunting and is a very deadly. WS 3 combined with a Pattern Master tube is effective at ranges of 50 yards or more.

Once the ammunition arrived, making a trip to the range was crucial to see how well this shot shell would preform on paper. After sending a couple shots down range at 40 yards, there wasn’t any doubting the patterns of these shotshells.

With opening day behind us I can say that Apex Ammunition does exactly what it’s designed to do, which is delivering devistating knockdown power at distances most wouldn’t try. As we sat along the banks of Lake Guntersville fighting wind as well as a decent cold front, I saw first hand what this ammo is capable of. Birds didn’t want to work exactly perfect nor were there a lot in the area but the ones that did work didn’t have a chance for escape when Apex #4 Shot is flying at 1400 FPS towards them.

After several vollies of shooting I was thoroughly impressed with the ability of these shot shells. In fact, every bird hit was essentially finished before landing in the water, which brings up the topic of chasing crippled birds. Chasing cripple birds on vast expanses of open water is very aggravating and can be costly when a bird is lost. As a sportsman finding game that has been harvested is something that can be bothersome when game isn’t recoverable, not just for moral reasons but for supplying food for the table.

With several shells shot and several birds harvested, I can honestly say that Apex Ammunition is a very powerful hunting round. Using this ammunition will improve kill ratio as well as reduce the number of shots needed to dispatch a bird.  I will be using Apex for a long time and will be sharing some with my kids in the blind one day.


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I am from a small town in Alabama chasing the Waterfowl Grand Slam. I have been hunting waterfowl since a young age and currently have harvested all goose species associated with the list as well as majority of the duck species. To date I have 13 species left to complete the Slam, which I hope to have in the near future. Not only am I a waterfowl enthusiast, but I have a passion for conservation and youth involvement. Follow me on my quest for the slam by following me on instagram, @benjamintcole.

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