17th Century Highlander’s Survival Kit


17th Century Highlander’s Survival Kit

So you’re a wandering highlander in the 1600s. What would you carry around with you for survival? Well, this fellow thinks he has a pretty good idea.

This lad’s notion of a survival kit for a 17th-century highlander includes a small knife, a larger dirk or biodag, flint & steel along with horseshoe fungus tinder and char tin with charred cloth and/or punkwood for starting a fire, the plaid that was worn around the waist (as well as a wool blanket) for cover, wooden bowl or cup, cordage made from locally-available natural materials, and a leather sporan (or purse) for carrying odds and ends (oatmeal, bread, cheese, dried meat, spare tinder, salt, iron blanket pin, leather thong, spoon, and a whisky flask).

What do you think? Did he miss anything or add something you don’t agree with?

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