This Odd Folding Grip-Pump Shotgun Sold for $20,700


This Odd Folding Grip-Pump Shotgun Sold for $20,700

Here’s one you don’t see every day… which might be one reason for its whopping price tag of $20,700 when it sold back in 2015. Another reason you don’t find these often is that it’s a pump (or slide) action shotgun which doesn’t use the gun’s forearm to operate the action.

Yeah, that’s right.

As you might expect, the design of this gun is ingenious. When it’s time to work the action, you slide the pistol-grip part of the stock — trigger, trigger guard, and all — rearward along the stock’s wrist. This moves the bolt rearward, cocking the hammer and extracting/ejecting any shell in the chamber while feeding another shell from the magazine if a shell is present. Slide the grip forward again to close the action and ready the gun for shooting.

This type of action means there are no mechanical links between the forearm and the bolt, opening the door for another cool feature, which is the 180-degree folding you can do with this sweet smoothbore, greatly reducing its length for convenient transport and storage.

Everybody loves a winner… except the losers. Which is why Winchester bought them out and shut them down.

Here’s what Ian says about it in the video description:

Andrew Burgess was an extremely prolific gun designer who gets very little recognition today. One of has particularly interesting weapons was a pump-action, folding shotgun. Because Spencer already had a patent on the use of the forearm as the pump, Burgess designed his gun to use a sliding sleeve on the wrist of the stock as the pump handle. The guns were well made, and the company Burgess set up to manufacture them was bought out and shut down by Winchester to reduce competition with their 1893/1897 pump action shotgun. As a result not many were made, and very very few of the folding models. This one is in fantastic shape, and also comes with an excellent leather belt holster made for carrying it folded.



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