Watch: Building Skin-on-Frame Canoes


Watch: Building Skin-on-Frame Canoes

This video is pretty cool. It’s put together by Cape Falcon Kayak, and shows the step-by-step process of creating a canoe using a skin-on-frame method. In fact, he creates a pair of canoes side by side, which are sized just right to nest for easy transport, and which can be attached side-by-side for really stable flotation (think of a boat with an outrigger).

It’s really cool to watch the process of how these things are made. Steaming and bending the ribs, tying the stuff together, etc.

He doesn’t actually use skin; instead it’s fabric that later gets impregnated with an epoxy resin.

Heck, he even makes sails for them!

It was really impressive to see him tote both canoes out to his van one-handed. It shows just how light and handy these things are.

After that, we see him playing around on the water… even sailing! Nice.

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