Homemade African Poachers’ Guns


Homemade African Poachers’ Guns

In this recently-uploaded video, Ian of Forgotten Weapons takes a look at some extremely crude homemade firearms, allegedly taken from African poachers who had made them for hunting.

I had a chance to visit Hire Arms in Johannesburg — a movie arms supply company. Among many other things in their collection, they had an assortment of extremely crude handmade firearms confiscated from poachers in Zimbabwe. As something we don’t see much of here in the USA, I thought they were pretty interesting, even if just in a train wreck sort of way. So I pulled out a couple of the most unusual to put on camera.

He takes a look at a breech-loader and a percussion-fired muzzleloader, and from a distance the muzzleloader looks pretty cool. With pistol grips for both hands on its wood shoulder stock and a lock that resembles an old British musket, it seems to represent an attempt to unite ancient and modern firearms design.

Once you get up close, however, you see just how crudely-made they really are.

He also shows us a muzzleloader that failed rather spectacularly.

Pretty cool… and a great preview of what we will see a lot more of once sales of legitimate firearms are banned.

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