Woman Attends Gun ‘Buyback’ to Upgrade her Handgun


Woman Attends Gun ‘Buyback’ to Upgrade her Handgun

I’m a hater of government waste and abuse, and so-called “gun buy-backs” are a perfect example of both. Aside from the fact that you cannot buy BACK something you did not previously own, it’s a massive waste of tax money.

Think about it: Government employees are paid with our tax dollars to sit around shelling out more of our tax dollars in order to pay (usually) more than fair market value for firearms which were highly unlikely to ever be used in a crime, and which are destined for destruction — that’s right, more of our tax dollars are paid to those who render these guns unusable and worthless.

At least one American approached a government gun buy in Baltimore for a better reason than most, however. She brought in a low-value 9mm pistol so she could collect 200 of our tax dollars — and then use that money towards a bigger, better handgun.

From a Tweet by Kathleen Cairns of FOX45:

One woman shows us the 9MM she is turning in for the Baltimore City Gun Buy Back program. But she says she is using the cash to get a bigger weapon!

In the Conservative Journal article, Baltimore City mayor reportedly expressed a desire for folks to steal guns from family members and then turn them in for the bounty:

An official even hinted that it wasn’t about crime at all, but simply a desperate bid to remove and destroy what are likely legally-held firearms.

In a statement to Fox 45, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh said “our point here is, there are guns on the streets of our city. We are signaling folks out there, we don’t care if it’s grandpa’s gun or your gun, we want it (emphasis added).

In other words: “We are ready, willing, and eager to waste the resources we take from citizens in an attempt to render you all less able to protect yourself from threats of all kinds. Even if it means paying you tax money for a gun that’s not yours to sell.”

Reminds me of the “buyback” I reported on last summer, in which a homemade gun garnered $200 of our taxes for some goober who zip-tied a hunk of pipe to a piece of lumber and called it a Hi-er Point.


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