Preppers: New Year’s Resolutions and Plans for 2019?


Preppers: New Year’s Resolutions and Plans for 2019?

What are some of the things the readers would like to do in 2019?  As 2018 draws to a close, and we look forward to 2019, it is also time to look back.  What did we do in 2018 that worked, and did not work?

For example, in the spring of 2018 I planted a nice sized garden of peas and beans.  When the plants got up around 6 – 8 inches tall, deer and rabbits ate the plants down to the ground.  Needless to say, I did not get a single bean or pea from last year’s garden.

How would this have worked out in a SHTF / post-doomsday world?  Hopefully the wildlife would end up on the dinner table.

What needs to change so my wife and I can get some fresh beans?  The plan is to move the garden closer to the house.  Maybe build some raised beds just outside the back door?

In the front yard I would like to get some large clay pots, fill them with potting soil and chicken manure, then grow peppers in them.  Maybe even grow some cucumbers next to the porch.  Wouldn’t it be cool to walk out on the porch and be able to pick cucumbers?

2018 – 2020 Political Atmosphere

When it comes to politics everyone has an opinion, sometimes two or three.  With democrats taking control of the house in January of 2019, the next two years will be interesting.  One of the talking points for Democrats was gun control.

With the GOP in control of the senate, it is doubtful Democrats will be able to pass any kind of meaningful gun control legislation.  Even if a bill does make it to President Trump it is doubtful he will sign it.  Then again, who would have had thought President Trump would move to ban bump stocks?

When it comes to politics, is there anything to worry about in 2019? Probably not.  That is unless Democrats try to impeach Trump.  If there is some kind of move to impeach, who knows what could happen.

AR-15 prices may go up, but I still feel we are in a buyers market.  For those of you who are on the fence, maybe now is a good time to pick up an extra rifle or two, or three?

Try New Things

Maybe 2019 could be a year for the reader, and myself, to try new things?

In 2018 there was a section of the Angelina River bottom I wanted to explore on foot.  Well guess what, it never happened.  The purpose of the trip was for nature photography, and to look for a hunting spot.  Maybe 2019 will be the year I can get out there and scout the area.

  • Plant some fruit trees?
  • Grow a backyard garden?
  • Take the kids fishing?
  • Get some backyard laying hens?

If there has been something the reader has wanted to try, why not make 2019 the year to do it?

Final Thoughts

2018 was a year for the history books.  President Trump has stayed in the limelight because of a trade war with China, and the Mueller investigation.  Democrats have beaten the war drums of impeachment until the public has become tone deaf.

Personally, my main focus for 2019 will be to build a workshop and a pole barn.  The pole barn will have its own work shop inside it, but I want a shop next to the house.  The pole barn will be fore livestock such as goats and cattle.

Regardless of what 2019 brings, let’s continue prepping and hope for the best.

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