Three Things to Stockpile in 2019


Three Things to Stockpile in 2019

As we look forward to a new year, maybe we should also look forward to the following year – 2020.  Why should we care about 2020?  President Trump will be up for re-election.  It is looks like a Democrat will win the presidency we may be facing a bad political situation.

Part of a well balanced long term survival plan should include looking forward past next week.  However, if the weather predictions have trouble with next week, can we really expect to have accurate predictions for the next two years?  Probably not.

Because predictions can be a waste of time, let’s talk about three things that should serve us well regardless of what happens.

Firearms and Ammunition

When President Trump was elected firearm markets fell into disarray. For months before the 2016 election manufacturers had ramped up production in expectation of panic buying. When Trump won instead of Hillary, there was a surplus of firearms on the market. The resulting slump in sales is called “The Great Trump Slump.”

Even though Democrats took control of the house during the 2018 mid-term elections, the GOP still controls the senate.  So it is unlikely any meaningful gun control laws will get passed.

However, this could all change with the 2020 elections.  Rather than waiting for the 2020 elections, why not stockpile firearms and ammunition now?

Some of the readers may be saying something like, “I already stockpile guns and ammo.”  That is fine and dandy.  However, some of us put more emphasis developing sustainability rather than guns and ammo.

While there is a surplus of guns and ammo on the market, 2019 may be a good year to stockpile.

Garden Seeds

Seed packets

Local Big Mart stores are starting to get their 2019 seeds in stock.  On December 29, 2018, I went by the Lowes store in Jasper, Texas and they had a couple of display racks full of fresh garden seeds.

Why seeds?  Because food production is the foundation of society.  Regardless of what happens, seeds are relativity cheap and can provide a layer of comfort knowing families can grow their own food.

Store seeds in a deep freezer and they should last for decades.  A few years ago I germinated, planted, and grew a garden with decade old seeds.  The germination rate was somewhere in the 80% – 90% range.


Few things beat cold, hard cash in hand.  With the stock market running like a roller coaster, who knows what will happen?

After a natural disaster and the grid goes down, stores may not accept credit / debit cards..  For example, after a hurricane and stores have no way to process credit / debit cards, they will typically take cash.

Final Thoughts

Chances are a lot of people are stockpiling the above listed items.  For example, spring is typically when I stockpile garden seeds.  Rather than buying seed packets from an outlet store, I buy in bulk from a local farm supply store.  Whats the difference?  When buying seeds from a farm supply store, I buy seeds by the pound, rather than the ounce like what comes in seed packets.

How many of the readers will pick up a box of ammo when they go to Walmart?  For several years I would pick up a box of 22 long rifle, 7.62×39, 223 Remington… every few trips to Wallyworld.  Maybe it is time to get back into that habit.

For some reason, I feel 2019 is the calm before the storm.  I feel 2020 is going to be a turbulent year,  not just for elections, but for the nation as a whole.

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